Dr. Michael Ezebuenyi

It is a privilege and honour to serve as the current  treasurer of the African Christian Fellowship (ACF) baton rouge, Louisiana. I am from Nigeria in west africa and married to my soulmate Stella Elewechi Ezebuenyi. After the completion of my first degree in Nigeria, I migrated to the United States in 2008 in pursuit of a postgraduate education. By His grace, I obtained a doctorate degree in pharmacy from Xavier College of Pharmacy in 2015.

As a current member of  ACF baton executive, am looking forward to working with my fellow executive members in achieving the following:

  1. Enhance our reachout effort to our brothers and sisters within baton rouge
  2. Have a robust presence of ACF/reaching out to our brothers and sisters who are students in the various universities in baton rouge.
  3. Improving our attendance to fellowship meetings
  4. Establish a  process for the executive to routinely check on our members well being.
  5. Timely worship meetings.

The golden rule as written in the book of Matthew 7 vs 12 is the guiding principle by which I relate to everyone while applying the instruction written in the books of Joshua 1 vs 8 and Psalms 1 vs 1-3 in my daily sojourn here on earth.

The Lord that began the good works in our lives; is more than faithful to complete it. Come let’s worship the Lord together; Am looking forward to seeing you in our fellowship meetings.

Email: Mcfavour46@gmail.com

Phone: 214-284-7962